Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Harvesting our First Chickens

WOW! We are very nervous about this and must have watched Hundreds of YouTube Videos on the subject. We watched until we found a method that we felt good with. We chose to make Kill Cones our of Gallon Water Jugs. Well lets just say, that didn't work as well as it does on YouTube. Its not YouTube or the users faults, its that we did not have enough experience with it to construct it perfectly.
Here's how it went:

  1. We gathered our chickens and zip tied there legs (Gently)
  2. We held them by their feet for a while to help them get tired.
  3. We put them in the cones and let them continue to tire.
  4. I Cut the Jugular on both Chickens and Thanked them as they passed (They were Gone in a matter of a minute or so)
  5. Once gone, I removed their heads and hung them by their feet to finish bleeding out (around 10 minutes)
  6. We brought the bucket of Hot water for scalding ( 160 degrees ) 
  7. We each (Sara and I) swished our birds in the hot water for 30 seconds each.
  8. We then plucked the chickens ( this was FAR easier than I expected and even had help from Stella)
  9. Then we gutted the chickens
  10. Now they are soaking in Salted Water for 24 Hours
This entire process took us about 45 minutes, and that's just cause it was our First time. The hardest part was the cut of the jugular; Sara almost fainted. It wasn't difficult it was just hard, so I was the one to do that to both. After that Sara and I (and Even Stella) shared the rest of the work.
 I feel blessed to have given them a Wonderful happy Life and an honorable death. I am very blessed that we now have 2 beautiful chickens that were humanly and organically raised and harvested.
We did not roll video this time, but next time we will.
Here are the fruits of our Chicken Harvest

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