Sunday, June 9, 2013

In Love With My Garden

12 foot tall Sunflower ready to Shine!
Sara and I took some pictures of the garden today after I did some fixin up. I edged and mowed the grass so you could see it in a more finished look. I LOVE IT!! and I did not know I could love a garden this much, But I do. I hope that you enjoy today's Photo Update <3

Plum Granny!

Purple Cherokee

I added more bottle edging :)

Young Sun



Its the Flower Bed :)

Luffa Flower

Beautiful Drama Sara Captured here!

Luffa Climbing the Wall

I added some railing things to hold up the Sunflowers the storm TRIED to take out. We won!
So pretty with a nice edge

I Love Luffa!

Where we Hang out

No Passage here anymore <4

Just Look at it!! So Awesome!

I love the Mirror in the Garden

This must be my favorite leaf in the world!
Enjoy Folks! And Remember to Seed What you Need!
Tara and Sara

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  1. Oh my gosh Tara I love your photos and your garden. A mirror in the garden? Wow ! So wonderful, all of it!


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