Wednesday, May 8, 2013

MAY 5.8.2013

Okay I have been super excited about the progress in the garden! Luffas are reaching, Tomato's are flowering, stubborn seeds are sprouting! A couple of things I wanted to be sure to share with you:
the other day I was having my quiet morning time in the garden and looked up at the top of my green Timor bamboo. That is when I noticed an amazing thing I had never heard anyone talk about before. The sensation that the bamboo was leaning over towards me was INTENSE. As if she was looking down at me as I looked up. It was quite profound. I had my daughter do it as well, to see if it was the same for her. IT WAS. That explains why Stella will sit there and talk away at the Bamboo, she must feel it too!
Another thing is the neighbors cat:
There big fat cat Waddles is totally camping out in my garden. I have mixed feelings about it. At first I figure she just wants a quite place, away from dogs. Waddles has 4 dog siblings, and I have 4 dogs. The garden, as you may already know, is fenced so I don't have to chase dogs out of the beds. Well he humans wanted to know if I had seen her, and sure enough she had hopped the fence on Cinco de Mayo. It is now May 8th, and she is still there in the tall grass. They had tried to get her to come home, but she escaped as soon as possible back to my yard. I worry she may not be feeling well, so I am keeping my eyeballs on her. Here she is :)

Okay, Back to the garden :) 

The Luffa has Bloomed!!! YES!!!


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