Tuesday, May 14, 2013

7 Yards, Yeah Right!

I called to have 7 yards of mulch delivered, and this morining got 14! Whoa! LOL I see that I will be able to fully complete all mulching until next time :)

After several Wheel Barrows Full

Front is BEAUTIFUL!!!

Mulch Under and Around Tree DONE. We have decide to stop fighting the Passion Flower and let it grow as a ground cover!
We have some volunteers in the path, but hey, thats okay with us!

I'll add picsafter a fresh mulch. WOW this back yard is getting Lucious!! 

Super Cool Shadows

Purple Cherokees! 

Thats all for now folks! OH WAIT!! I have been using DE with water to sray the plants that have some munchers on em. Seems to work really good so far!! 1/4 cup DE
Gallon H2O in a water jug that has holes in the lid. SWEET bug spray!

Seed What You Need,
Tara and Sara

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