Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Fruits Are Showing!

Yesterday evening I went out to do my inspection of the garden. Low and Behold, there are Fruits popping up all around! Is it just me or does that get you super siked too??  The lighting was ask so I waited until this morning to Photograph the beauties!! Here they are OoOOooOoO



Black Diamond!!!!

A corn Cob!!

Their is magic in the Garden Folks! Get out there and Dig some !
Seed What You Need~
Tara and Sara

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Itty Bitty Potatoes!

Yay! We have harvested some beautiful tiny potatoes and they are just so cute! Plus they are super yummy. We also planted a new batch. They are super fun to grow, I always get so excited harvesting them :) 

Much love, 
Sara and Tara

Seed what you need <3

Garden Love

As you can tell I have been very busy lately. Launching a new business and recruiting team mates can be time consuming. I love my profession so that is all good for me. Being busy with that doesn't mean I am neglecting the garden, Just may be the writing part of this blog. Gardening is a profession in and of itself. It provides food for my family and much peace in my heart. My garden is alive with butterflies and lizards! Black snakes and a Yellow bellied rat snake paid a visit the other day too! I love the way the birds perch on the wire to watch me work. Being in the garden is one of the most wonderful feelings to me. Teaming with nature and abundance, my garden is love. So here's to Love:

Seed what You need~
Tara and Sara

Monday, May 20, 2013

Weekend in the Garden

Beautiful Sunflowers!!
I Love our Garden!
Oh She grows!!

I am increasingly excited about the growth of this wonderful garden!!!

Seed What You Need~
Tara and Sara

Saturday, May 18, 2013

A walk through the Garden 5.18.13

Ahh The ever giving Swiss Chard
Ohhh I love how this is growing!
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Black Diamond Watermelons
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Cow Peas are Rockin it!!
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Purple Cherokee
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3 Sistahs
Not sure, we never labeled our seedlings :/
Banana Melon
Red Cabbage 
Curly Kale??
My Girl
Cilantro goin to seed!
Granny Melons

Seed What You Need ~
Tara and Sara