Friday, April 19, 2013

What a Week!

I am exhausted from this week. Mentally, emotionally... Though I am tired I still tended the garden, and it gave me hope and peace! Wonderful way to start the day is to go directly out into the garden bare foot and sit in the quiet wonder of it all .

Oh the Ladies are getting so big!!

Back of the Back garden, More Mulch!

Black Valentines growing beautiful!

Banana Melons!

A Papaya seedling has survived!

Bamboo looks pretty with mulch!

Black Valentine!!!

Papaya Seeds have sprouted!

Tomatos are doing WONDERFUL!

Potaotoes are doing wonderful! 

Um, I was trying to trim some of this tree back when Swoooshph the cutting edge flew out of the handle, and now it is very high in the tree! Scart the beeegezus out of me!

Much Love! It is the weekend, so I will take many more pictures!
Seed What You Need ~ Tara and Sara


  1. Glad to see all the stuff growing so well in your garden! Did you get the blade out of the tree yet?


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