Friday, April 12, 2013

This Week at Whittaker Gardens!

LOL I feel like I just sounded like a News Anchor!  I have saved up on this weeks activities so that I could post this very special Blog!
My Neighbor gave me 2 Papayas from her tree and I have planted the seeds both in the back garden and the front! In the back the spot I Planted them in was mostly sand, so I made a mini lasagna bed. I dug a trench lined it with bamboo leaves, them green clippings, then Hay mixed with Chicken Poop, then the sandy soil. Planted the seeds and covered them lightly. Then I covered with a thin layer of hay! In the front I just planted because I have built great soil up there! This is the article I read up on to learn how to plant these you live above Zone 9, this would be a green house plant indeed! Or a beautiful Indoor plant

My Neighbors also brought me over to a local farmer's place. So Wild! Sam is growing so much and it looks as though he is utilizing permie techniques. I brought him some Black beans and Kidney beans to grow. In return he gave me 3 Banana Trees and Sugar Cane to grow!!! WHAT!!! So I now have 3 banana trees and a Sugar Cane Privacy block growing!! YES!!! Here are some photo's I took of his farm!

Hi Hansome Rooster and a couple of Lavender Araucanas!!

See where this Rooster is? Well this strip is lined with tubs and filled with water, growing duckweed to use to fertilize his plot!

Momma Banana


Random Picture of trees

GIANT Bamboo Cluster! Just think, My Cluster will be this big someday! I wish that you could really see how big it is, Some of these shoots are the size of a skinny girl thigh!


And now for some from home :)

Sun Dapples through my Bamboo in the Morning and I love to look at it!

Rain and Wind

HDR, Look at that Sky!

Lowered Summer Shade with some hay to hold moisture better :)

From this angle it looks like a jungle :)

Rain Chain in Action!

What a great week!! Rain all weekend! I Love that!!! be back soon with more Updates!!!

Seed What You Need~ Tara and Sara


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