Monday, April 8, 2013

The Farmers Daughter


Photo we entered for a chicken coop contest :)

Buddha belly 
This week we got 4 starters of Papaya! Tara is also going to visit a farmer and get some banana shoots! 

We also received a wonderful email from a friend expressing how we have inspired her to look for a place with some land so she can raise her families food! We can stop NOW! But we won't,  we Love that so much we are going to inspire more folks!! We have a desire to have 1 million community farms all across the country. Now we are going to inspire 1 million households to start their own! Small, Big, No matter! We feel that if 1 million families do this, the amount of real community and inspiration could very well exceed our original goal! YES YES YES!! We will have more of that!!! Thank You!
Seed What you Need~ Tara and Sara

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