Friday, April 5, 2013

Seedling Love

Just took lots of pics of the plants we have peeking out! This weekend we have a full plan.

  1. Lower the pots for the summer shade garden
  2. Make the Fly Catcher
  3. Finish the Mulch
  4. Make privacy screen and trellis in the back
  5. Devise a way to give the ladies more comfort in the coop ( it is an old parrot cage [4x8]) and I want to give them nesting boxes inside. And paint their new door!
Here's what's happening in the garden!
Ladies chillin in the Yard

Boss Lady coming to see what Iam doing

Boss lady saying HELLO!


For the life of me I can not remember what these are, but I think they are peppers

What do you think? I dont think it is peppers... ACK!

Three Sistas Corn!


Black Diamond in the Hugelkultur Bed

Lavender FINALLY showing! Here is one with a fly friend!

Another Black Diamond!

Cilantro and Chives

Plum Granny!
We also have some Banana melons coming up as well! Ohhh I am soooooo excited!
Peace Love and Happiness! 
Seed What You Need~
Tara and Sara


  1. Lettuce Seedlings I do believe they are!!!!

  2. Cilantro and Chives are best consumed raw good ingredients safe for food and medicinal amounts.


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