Thursday, April 4, 2013

Rainy Day!

Rain won't stop us!

Got the Ladies fully secure and they enjoyed some time out in their yard!


FINALLY this Luffa came up!

Our Lime Tree

Added Sara's Strawberries to the left and some tomatoes to the right of this bed.

Peppers and Marigolds

Little Lady peekin at me

Black Valentine Beans came up!

Sunflowers and cowpeas along the coop!
We put most of our seedlings in today, we figure the rain would be amazing for them! BOTH of our water barrels are full, the third one goes in tomorrow. We are gonna finish up the last of the mulching this weekend. Good thing we got the mulch when we did, our town has run out and there is a 3 week waiting period! People must be catching on!
Seed what You Need~ Tara and Sara


  1. Looks great! I love seeing the seedlings popping out of the ground!

  2. Nice to see trees growing in our backyard. My Dad loves to plant and we have many fruit bearing trees surrounding our house.

    1. That is AWESOME!! We have 4 more Avocado seeds going too!I can't wait to plant them in the ground!


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