Saturday, March 30, 2013

Weekend Up Date!

 FIRST I want to remind Ya'll that we are doing a Spring Seed Raffle! Go Here>>>
And Enter NOW!
Extended Here!

This Place will have SALLY growing! We had a sally one year and it was AMAZING!! I got some Pics below this of our Sally we got these seeds from :)
This is our Old Sally, and how she starts.
This is the same Sally All grown over the old Chicken coop!
Little Red Flowers EVERYWHERE and Humming Birds Love it! This plant is EXCELLENT for privacy thus the Location of our new Sally's. And they can take anything, this sally grew from seed inside a chicken yard!


Drip irrigation!

Added Sunflower and Cone flower here!
In all three Summer Shade Pots!

Experimenting with Drip irrigation :)

Mulch is Disappearing!! WOOT! We also got our neighbor into this mulch and they are ordering a Giant pile for us to share!! YES!

Planted Cone Flower and Sunflower Here!!

Good Day for Now!
Seed What You Need~ Tara and Sara

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