Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Terrific Tuesday!

I have a few wish list Items I want to share with ya'll:

Trapaeolum majus Seeds!!

The Perfect Homestead for My Family. Anyone interested in making sure we get this Let us know and we will pass on the information :)

A couple of Super Good Watering Cans!

Okay Glad you're still here:)  I made a garden arch with old fencing and got lots of pictures of it! We planted some Banana Melon for it They will both be very happy! Let me tell you, This garden is going to be so amazing!! We also have some new sprouts coming up, and you know how much I love that! Also one of the Chickens escaped, But we got her before a Hawks came!


He is Actually Posing!
More Spinach!


It is gonna Be MAGIC Here!

Banana melons at the base of the ARCH!

That's All for Now!!
Seed What You Need ~Tara and Sara

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  1. The arch is going to be fantabulous! Oh and charlie! Whatta cutie pie!


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