Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Summer Shade

Okay, so we are pretty darn beat from yesterday so today we took it easy...
Today was Very Warm and I got to thinkin. I need some help with shade for the south side of my house. We like to go as long as possible with out AC ( Last year we made it to Mid July!)  Back when we were nanas garden, we had read an article about a company using edible vines to combat summer heat and help feed their workers. I thought it was Nokia, and I looked long and hard for it but could not find it anywhere. So I just went ahead with the concept I remembered and came up with this.

I took three large pots and filled them with soil and planted a Luffa seed in each along with a cow pea seed in each. I made a tall trellis out of those pesky wire hangers I have had around for quite a while. and here is what it looks like!

Connected to the gutter at the Top and connected in the middle for more support.

Ends are anchored directly in the soil of the pots.

I can't wait to see it grow. It will not be so complete that it will block any breeze but will shade from the hot sun. My office chair is directly behind that window and I will need it a bit cooler there. It is also my bedroom, So Coolness I need! This is now a total of three south facing windows that will have Luffa to help keep us cool! WOOTS!!!

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