Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Spring Seed Raffle!

Shelly Mercer & Hillbilly Rag!!!
( We have 2 winners because Stella picked them and she said so!)

We love giveaways and enter them all the time! We are totally blessed with a seed's this year and we really want to share! We Must limit this giveaway to the US. Here's what you do:

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Black Diamond Water Melon Seeds!*
Cherokee Purple Tomato!**
We figured we could grow something together this year. Both Seeds are Heirlooms! Winner will be picked SUNDAY March 31st (7:00pm est) ! Winner will be announced here. As soon as the winner discovers their good fortune, the winner MUST send the Facebook page a Message with their address! We want to get these seeds out ASAP! There is still time to Grow with us!!

Seed What You Need~
Tara and Sara

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  1. Thank you Whittaker Gardens, I hope we can grow something together this year as well:-)

    1. So excited! These are amazing! I can't wait to watch them grow!!!

  2. Shared on my Google+

    Send me Some Seeds!

    1. Yippee! Thank you (especially Stella for having an FB & G+ winner)!

      I sent a message from my personal FB account and changed my Hillbilly Rag G+ photo for verification so you will know I am one and the same Hillbilly Rag. My name and mailing address are in the message I sent as well.

      Thank you again for having the contest and I will continue the heirloom sharing as soon as I can.


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