Monday, March 18, 2013

Monday Mulch Day!

WHOOOHOOO!!! i got the call from the city guy saying he was on his way with the mulch, When he got here he was afraid I asked for too much! LOLOLOL I said, I will probably be calling ya'll back fo more once this load is done! Here is the progress of the 7 hours we worked today! Not bad for two chicks and a baby!

14 CU Yards

Beautiful Mulch!

We are going to make this beautiful again!

Needing some Love... Mulch Love!

Nice Swiss Chard we have growin! Flower is pretty too!

Bouganvilla, Pineapple and we put some flower seed.

Hugelkulture for a Luffa or 2!

Aloe ( we use in our soaps!) and Society Garlic

Swiss Chard, Sill, Lettuce and Potato in this bed

Dill and Turnips in the front bed

Pumpkin in between the Black Timor and the Bouganvilla 

We have been putting kitchen scraps in this all winter, Look what we got growing!

Hugelkulture Luffa bed in the back ( No It is Not finished)

More adjusting on the Big Hugelkulture bed in the back

More than a 3rd of the way !! HOLY MOLY!!

I am so super happy! My body so super Hurts, but heck this is a SMALL homestead so I gotta get my body ready for my Big one!!!
Much Love!
Seed What You Need~
Tara and Sara


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