Monday, March 25, 2013

Monday Monday!!!

WHOOHOO!!! I am sooo excited!! Today, we received Heirloom seeds from a friend in Kentucky!! He sent us Banana Melon and Plum Granny!!! The Banana Melons were a surprise so We are even more excited!! Woot!!!!!
Plum Granny

Banana Melon

We also received a gift from our neighbor! She gave us seeds for the Three Sistars!
Website for this Image:
We know it is a little late for Corn, But we figured we would give it a try anyways ( the seeds packs were for this year)

SO BLESSED WE ARE INDEED!! We even had Stella help us open the seed pack!!So cute!

Here is that Little Cow Pea from the Other day!!

White Bird Taking Off after 4 years!!

Love My bamboos!

I even Laid on the Ground to give you the FULL effect!! 

The Fence is 6 ft Tall so I gotta say this is over 24 ft

My Buddha Belly! Love this!!

Transplanted our Rosemary into a bigger pot! I LOVE ROSEMARY!

Plum Grannies are going here!!

Banana Melons are Going Here!!

Prayer Flags <3

Awesome, The Cat is so cute!
 He follows us around and gets all Farmy with us!! Look at this Guy!
 Thats All for Now!
Seed What You Need~ Tara and Sara


  1. Ah I get so excited! Can't wait to see what the three sister garden is going to look like!

    1. It is gonna Be amazing!! Google it, There are bubches of beautiful pictures!!!


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