Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Just for the Plain Love of it!

So I called the town office for the mulch and Guess what... They are going to deliver 14 yards this week!!! This should be PLENTY for my Front and My back yard, also My neighbors can use it as well. If it is not enough, I can call back and get more! WHAT! I am sooooo happy! I am in for ALOT of hard work, But I am ready! WOOTZ!
Another thing I am happy about is it rained! YES! And this morning when I got up to check on the Water Barrel, I found it completely full!!! I knew it would be but it was with childlike wonder to actually see it full for the first time and feel that empowered to really take care of my garden with water I harvested! We are going to do at least 1 more barrel for the back and 1 for the front. Our front yard is mostly perineal so they are established and don't need as much watering, if any, but our annual plantings will need more watering, so this is truly fantastic to be able to conserve water by harvesting it right from my roof! I am hoping to find a large water tank to store water in the back for periods of drought ( which we have been having much more of in Florida for the past few years ).


And we have Seeds peeking out at us!

I want to share with you a video of a gardening technique I heard of from Jim Kovaleski. I am thinking this is a great way to use yard waste as a plant bed! here is a video of him teaching about this process he learned while in Maine.

I'll shout at ya later!
Seed What You Need ~ Tara and Sara

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  1. ah so exciting! i love seeing plants grow and barrels full!


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