Saturday, March 23, 2013

I can't Believe we Got something Done Today!

We were so excited watching a Live event for our business I was shocked we actually got something some int he Garden! Very exciting NEWS that will help our business and expand our ability to help others!So what did we do? We turned up the speakers on the computer and worked. Heck, if we couldn't be there in person we needed to get things done with both our garden and our business! Here is what we did :)
Our Flower Patch with Sunflower seedlings
Another angel of the Same Flower Patch

We filled the ol Fire Pit and planted!

Cucumbers in the Back, then Sun Flowers, The Lavender, then Cow Peas. We also made a fancy border with wine and beer bottles!

We made this old Parrot cage more of a Chicken friendly by adding a pallet to the west side.
Seeds starting :)
Planted more Sun Flowers and Cow peas along the west side of the chicken coup!
Little Chick roostin!

White Bird of Paradise FINALLY Took off. This was one of the first things I planted when we moved here...about 5 years ago!

Bamboo got some Mulch!

I get such a kick out of seeing a seed transform!
Okay, Thats it for now. Much love!
Seed What You Need~ Tara and Sara

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