Thursday, March 21, 2013

Happy Ostara!!!

Making great headway on the back yard section! I have lots of pictures!

Finished with the Luffa Mound! Waiting for the starters to be ready so I planted Cow peas on the left and right sides. 3 Luffa will go down the center :)

Tomato Row. In the back is a Mortgage Lifter and the front is a Purple Cherokee :)

That center row has 3 Black Beauty Zucchini! 

This has 2 Egg Plant and on the end a Water Melon. We also put tomato on the inner side of this large row. This is good as I miss tomato and have the hardest time eating any from a store, so I don't.

Another Awesome Angle (Triple A)

This is the former location of our Outdoor Pallet shower. Perfect place for a Hugelkultur Bed! Since this pic was taken, we added more mulch/soil to the structure in the back. That has Valentine beans planted in it, to the left we have Sugar Peas, in front of that Spinach, then Kale, then red cabbage. Oooo I cant wait to see this take off! I love Direct Sow seeds!!

We call this the "Main Back Garden" because we have planted one in this spot many times.

Stella being Ridiculously CUTE!

She asked me to demand you SMILE!!
(So do it)
We also put the first layer of soil in the flower patch along the fence. We have Echinacea seedlings popping out of the starter! We will grow a row of Giant Sunflowers, a row of Echinacea and a row of Lavender! It will be Heavenly!!!
We would have gone on but both of our bodies are hurtin and it seems like a LONG haul  when we feel this way! Thank Goodness my neighbor let us use their garden cart. Made my life WAY easier today! We can not seem to locate a Wheel Barrow Wheel that fits my Most amazing Wheel barrow. Its old fashioned so the universals are WAY too big. 
Here is the old Beautiful Sad Wheel that is Busted:
We have a wanted on free cycle, May hap someone had a Wheel barrow like us but the wheel is the only good part left. It would be a match in heaven :)
SO we got HUNGRY. And we decided to harvest some of our Swiss Chard. We cut the outside leaves off and Boy Oh Boy, they are beautiful!
We tried something I had NEVER even though possible. I cut it up and sauteed it in Olive oil, added a tinzy binzy bit of red sauce and poured it over Penne! SAY WHAT!!! My New Favorite!! Who knew it was so awesome cooked? Cause I didn't!
That's all for now. Be Happy and remember what Stella Said!
Seed What You Need ~ Tara and Sara

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