Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Getting Ready For Mulch 3.13.2013

Mulch is not here yet, but that did not stop us from getting ready! So we stacked all the extra wood into a neat pile, began taking apart the fire pit I made a couple of years ago and made a wood planter. Kind like the hugelkulture method Jim taught us about yesterday.

What we did here was move all the stumps and pull the weeds that had grown all around it. The I placed the stumps in a crescent shape ( I wanted a spiral shape but had lest stumps than I thought ). Then we layers Green material, Brown Material and dirt then we topped it with bamboo leaves ( My New Favorite material, and I will tell you why in a moment) We will use this stump garden stop for squash.

Okay, Now I want you to remember that we finally had rain the other night. What I forgot to check was the herb planters on the chicken coop. I wasn't sure if the contraption we made with Cardboard and Bamboo leaves would hold the dirt in during or after a rain. Let me tell you, It DOES hold up and really quite well If I do say so myself!

I am So Impressed with that!

Now for some silly nilly. We had a few red wine bottles decorating the old pallet shower. Today we decided to store them like this, just for kicks. This is not their final home but it sure does look nice for now :)

Then we got HUNGRY!!! Really Hungry so we are now relaxing with a Big Smoothie!


Well the day is young, so they may be more for you later on. Cross your fingers for the arrival of the Mulch :)
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Tara and Sara

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  1. Can't wait to show em' what we do with the mulch!

  2. And I look forward to seeing what you do with it! :)


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