Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday Fun

Okay, so... NO Mulch yet... I was disappointed as I really want to start and finish this HUMONGOUS mulch job, but the weather was fair and we got to work any hows.
I discovered that my body hurt today so I could not go as far as I wanted.
We found a pint of pink outdoor paint! We painted the west side of the chicken run with it! We used rags as Sara NEVER rinses the paint brushes out so they always get thrown out. Came out pretty rustic and I like it!
We also built a composter on the east wall of the chicken run. Pretty awesome!
Then I tackled the problem of protecting the underside of the chicken coop from predators. For some reason this is a daunting project to me. On the west side of the coop I had some chicken wire from the previous flock. I just used some of the urbanite from the fire pit to hold it down. Then on the south side, Sara put an old dog create wall and she planted Cow Peas there. That will be pretty!
 We also started some Luffa Seeds!!! and Ginger! OoOooOoooO I am so happy!

I sang "Little Pink Houses" while I painted!

A Layer of Bamboo leaves, some kitchen waste, then some more bamboo leaves!


Cow Peas!

This weekend should be AWESOME!!!
Seed What You Need ~ Tara and Sara

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