Wednesday, March 27, 2013


The president signed the bill that had the Monsanto rider in it. I propose that every single Public lawn be fully turned into NON GMO Gardens. ALL OF IT. Every single One. The Police Station, the Library, the School's, the County Clerks Office, The Courts, The Water District, The Prisons, The sides of the roads, the Parks, the patches of dirt next to the sidewalks: ANY WHERE and EVERY WHERE that Public funds are responsible to maintaining the Property. No asking for permission, No petition, Straight up Guerilla Garden every single Public patch of green there is. We pay to maintain it, we go work it. There is NO doubt that the president KNEW that America did not want him to keep that Monsanto Rider, and he did it anyway, with out asking, petitioning, or permission from us.
Good Place to Start

Seed What You Need~ Tara

ps And if this is something outrageous or just something you can't do for what ever reason, DO this or any combination of these:

  • Grow a Tomato Plant this year. In a Pot, Inside if you have no other choice.
  • Plant a Small garden in your own yard. Think about what vegetables you already buy and learn how to grow them from Heirloom Seed.
  • Join a Local Permaculture club.
  • Make a Statement and landscape your entire property with Edibles. This can even be done in most deed restricted communities. Use perennial Vegetables and Fruits as hedges and plants. Almost all trees can be kept hedge size. It just takes landscaping.
  • If any of this is too hard because you work 80 hours a week... HIRE SOMEONE TO DO IT.
  • If you work 80 hours a week yet can't afford to hire someone.. THEN YOU CAN'T AFFORD NOT TO DO THIS.
  • If absolutely NONE OF THIS APPEALS to you, Shop ALL OF YOUR VEGGIES< FRUITS AND MEAT from local sources that do not use GMO products at all. Not Even Round Up.
  • And if none of that appeals to you.... well I have nothing to say except for.. "why are you still reading this blog? Isn't there a tv show to watch?"

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