Saturday, March 30, 2013

Bottle Drip Irrigation | From Provident Living

I came across this the other day and said WHOAZA! What a great idea! Unfortunately we do not drink soda or  bottled juice so what do we do? Well i have my neighbors saving some bottles for me so I can give this a try. Mom still drinks soda so I told her to save her little bottles for the containers and pots I have about. Keeping these bottles out of the land fill is great and provides for a very economical way to water plants.  I am going to look for alternatives to plastic bottles as well. There are some folks that would completely scoff at this idea for their loathing of plastic, and while I understand them, because I don't think we should even bottling with plastic at all, I challenge them to come up with sustainable ideas for alternatives to this method.
Update on the garden coming later! 
Seed What You Need~ Tara and Sara

Bottle Drip Irrigation |

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