Saturday, March 9, 2013

Back Yard Progress 3.9.2013 (And Some Front Yard too)

We had some fun today! We Took care of the other 4x4 and made it a Potato patch! We added 2 herb baskets to the side of the coop, planted cilantro and chives in there. We used cardboard and bamboo leaves to hold the soil... we'll see how that goes :). We also put a window box on top of the fence and planted more cilantro and chives. Then we got to making whimsy  We put some old dollar store decorations on the fence and I decided that a big ol branch should be decorating the top of the fence as well. 
Out front we planted all of our old seeds. hey your never know, they might take! I hate to waste em, so why not try to grow them :) 

Sara discovered that our neighbors cat thought it would be cute to use our 4x4 to pee. So I filled a pressure sprayer with my home made citrus cleaner ( citrus rinds and Apple Cider Vinegar ) and sprayed all around the fence line in hopes to discourage our neighbors cat from coming in the yard. We found him lounging right in a spot I sprayed heavily  so I suppose that won't work. If anyone has had good results with a natural cat deterrent  PLEASE LEAVE a comment!
We also started more seedlings! Sunflower, echinacea  and lavender! OooOo I can't wait to see that! We will be planting them along the pallet fence :) 
Tomorrow will be moving giant chunks of wood out of the farm yard so that the spot they are in can be made into a garden plot!
Seed What You Need~
Tara and Sara


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