Friday, March 8, 2013

Back Yard Progress! 3.8.2013

This morning this was completely overgrown with old chicken wire in the tall 'grass', weeds with 'trunks' and all sorts of stuff hidden in the mess. I thought I had a picture showing this but it was deleted from the lap top by accident, so I can't show you how it looked. 
We cleared it all out and mowed it down! This is now the dogs side of the yard with a yard clipping pile in the back by the fence. Its good to have a wild spot for critters, but not a whole wild back yard we couldn't even begin to fathom. We have more of the pallet fence complete and need about 3 more pallets to finish that! I am using a old wire fence to cover that hole so the dogs get used to this side. Now they have so much more room and I can see them when they are out there. We have more clearing out of junk to do. Just to the right of this picture is a pile of old furniture we need to bring to the dump. That will be gone next month and this 'dog' yard will get twice the size! Our back yard will be almost evenly divided Farm and Yard!
Our Front yard will get worked on as well as Sara wants to start sharing our food with our neighborhood. I figure we will do the harvesting and then we will have a veggie basket for folks to choose what they want from at the end of the driveway. She got the idea from a Ted talk we saw this week, and I added my own 'I don't like people just coming on the yard so I will put a basket for them" idea :)
Here is the Ted Talk we were inspired by:

We can Change the World, One Garden at a Time!

Seed What You Need~
Sara and Tara


  1. This is going to be so beautiful when we are done with this!

    1. Yes indeed! We are going to inspire someone to seed what they need!


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