Monday, March 11, 2013

3.11.2013 Garden Update

It is so hard to believe that it was 2 years ago that we embarked on the journey of  "Food Not Lawn"! We have had many ups and downs indeed. The following picture is from the beginning of our front yard conversion. I am putting it here so I can show you how different it was then to how it is now. We are ordering the mulch ( Free Mulch form the town, and they deliver!) tomorrow. Back in 2011 we had a SWEET truck, now we do not, so I am very happy to hear that the town is still delivering mulch. It took us 3 full truck load trips to do just our front yard in 2011. Now it should be one big ol town truck. Hopefully it will be more than enough to do the back garden as well. I cant not wait to see my front yard refreshed! And I can not wait to show you!

Today we got some more seeds started, Marconi peppers, purple tomatillos, Japanese Cukes, and KALE! I   love Kale!
 I wanted to share another picture I found in the archives. Why? because I can just feel that country home coming my way. I feel it in my gut!

Objects In Mirror are Closer Than They Appear

Be a reflection of what you desire, and before you know it, the universe will provide! 

Seed What You Need~ Tara and Sara

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