Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Sunday Progress!

Front yard REFRESHED!

(Photo BOMB: Awesome)

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Just a Little bit More!

Looks so nice!!

Amazing Day!! Pile almost gone! So excited!!
Seed What What You Need~
Tara and Sara

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Weekend Up Date!

 FIRST I want to remind Ya'll that we are doing a Spring Seed Raffle! Go Here>>>
And Enter NOW!
Extended Here!

This Place will have SALLY growing! We had a sally one year and it was AMAZING!! I got some Pics below this of our Sally we got these seeds from :)
This is our Old Sally, and how she starts.
This is the same Sally All grown over the old Chicken coop!
Little Red Flowers EVERYWHERE and Humming Birds Love it! This plant is EXCELLENT for privacy thus the Location of our new Sally's. And they can take anything, this sally grew from seed inside a chicken yard!


Drip irrigation!

Added Sunflower and Cone flower here!
In all three Summer Shade Pots!

Experimenting with Drip irrigation :)

Mulch is Disappearing!! WOOT! We also got our neighbor into this mulch and they are ordering a Giant pile for us to share!! YES!

Planted Cone Flower and Sunflower Here!!

Good Day for Now!
Seed What You Need~ Tara and Sara

Bottle Drip Irrigation | From Provident Living

I came across this the other day and said WHOAZA! What a great idea! Unfortunately we do not drink soda or  bottled juice so what do we do? Well i have my neighbors saving some bottles for me so I can give this a try. Mom still drinks soda so I told her to save her little bottles for the containers and pots I have about. Keeping these bottles out of the land fill is great and provides for a very economical way to water plants.  I am going to look for alternatives to plastic bottles as well. There are some folks that would completely scoff at this idea for their loathing of plastic, and while I understand them, because I don't think we should even bottling with plastic at all, I challenge them to come up with sustainable ideas for alternatives to this method.
Update on the garden coming later! 
Seed What You Need~ Tara and Sara

Bottle Drip Irrigation |

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


The president signed the bill that had the Monsanto rider in it. I propose that every single Public lawn be fully turned into NON GMO Gardens. ALL OF IT. Every single One. The Police Station, the Library, the School's, the County Clerks Office, The Courts, The Water District, The Prisons, The sides of the roads, the Parks, the patches of dirt next to the sidewalks: ANY WHERE and EVERY WHERE that Public funds are responsible to maintaining the Property. No asking for permission, No petition, Straight up Guerilla Garden every single Public patch of green there is. We pay to maintain it, we go work it. There is NO doubt that the president KNEW that America did not want him to keep that Monsanto Rider, and he did it anyway, with out asking, petitioning, or permission from us.
Good Place to Start

Seed What You Need~ Tara

ps And if this is something outrageous or just something you can't do for what ever reason, DO this or any combination of these:

  • Grow a Tomato Plant this year. In a Pot, Inside if you have no other choice.
  • Plant a Small garden in your own yard. Think about what vegetables you already buy and learn how to grow them from Heirloom Seed.
  • Join a Local Permaculture club.
  • Make a Statement and landscape your entire property with Edibles. This can even be done in most deed restricted communities. Use perennial Vegetables and Fruits as hedges and plants. Almost all trees can be kept hedge size. It just takes landscaping.
  • If any of this is too hard because you work 80 hours a week... HIRE SOMEONE TO DO IT.
  • If you work 80 hours a week yet can't afford to hire someone.. THEN YOU CAN'T AFFORD NOT TO DO THIS.
  • If absolutely NONE OF THIS APPEALS to you, Shop ALL OF YOUR VEGGIES< FRUITS AND MEAT from local sources that do not use GMO products at all. Not Even Round Up.
  • And if none of that appeals to you.... well I have nothing to say except for.. "why are you still reading this blog? Isn't there a tv show to watch?"

Happy Acres Homestead: Seed Saving, Seed Patents, and NC House BIll 369

Happy Acres Homestead: Seed Saving, Seed Patents, and NC House BIll 369: Seed Collection - via Last week a bill was introduced in the North Carolina House of R...

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Spring Seed Raffle!

Shelly Mercer & Hillbilly Rag!!!
( We have 2 winners because Stella picked them and she said so!)

We love giveaways and enter them all the time! We are totally blessed with a seed's this year and we really want to share! We Must limit this giveaway to the US. Here's what you do:

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  • Comment on this Post "Send me Some Seeds!"

Black Diamond Water Melon Seeds!*
Cherokee Purple Tomato!**
We figured we could grow something together this year. Both Seeds are Heirlooms! Winner will be picked SUNDAY March 31st (7:00pm est) ! Winner will be announced here. As soon as the winner discovers their good fortune, the winner MUST send the Facebook page a Message with their address! We want to get these seeds out ASAP! There is still time to Grow with us!!

Seed What You Need~
Tara and Sara

Photo Credits:

Terrific Tuesday!

I have a few wish list Items I want to share with ya'll:

Trapaeolum majus Seeds!!

The Perfect Homestead for My Family. Anyone interested in making sure we get this Let us know and we will pass on the information :)

A couple of Super Good Watering Cans!

Okay Glad you're still here:)  I made a garden arch with old fencing and got lots of pictures of it! We planted some Banana Melon for it They will both be very happy! Let me tell you, This garden is going to be so amazing!! We also have some new sprouts coming up, and you know how much I love that! Also one of the Chickens escaped, But we got her before a Hawks came!


He is Actually Posing!
More Spinach!


It is gonna Be MAGIC Here!

Banana melons at the base of the ARCH!

That's All for Now!!
Seed What You Need ~Tara and Sara

Monday, March 25, 2013

Monday Monday!!!

WHOOHOO!!! I am sooo excited!! Today, we received Heirloom seeds from a friend in Kentucky!! He sent us Banana Melon and Plum Granny!!! The Banana Melons were a surprise so We are even more excited!! Woot!!!!!
Plum Granny

Banana Melon

We also received a gift from our neighbor! She gave us seeds for the Three Sistars!
Website for this Image:
We know it is a little late for Corn, But we figured we would give it a try anyways ( the seeds packs were for this year)

SO BLESSED WE ARE INDEED!! We even had Stella help us open the seed pack!!So cute!

Here is that Little Cow Pea from the Other day!!

White Bird Taking Off after 4 years!!

Love My bamboos!

I even Laid on the Ground to give you the FULL effect!! 

The Fence is 6 ft Tall so I gotta say this is over 24 ft

My Buddha Belly! Love this!!

Transplanted our Rosemary into a bigger pot! I LOVE ROSEMARY!

Plum Grannies are going here!!

Banana Melons are Going Here!!

Prayer Flags <3

Awesome, The Cat is so cute!
 He follows us around and gets all Farmy with us!! Look at this Guy!
 Thats All for Now!
Seed What You Need~ Tara and Sara